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Contoh Recount Text Terbaru Bahasa Inggris

Menyedot - Contoh recount text yang saat ini menjadi bahan tugas untuk para siswa baik siswa SMP atau SMA kelas X atau lebih tinggi menjadikan banyak pikiran. Apalagi untuk anda yang juga sedang diberikan tugas yang sama tentang materi bahasa Inggris ini. Dengan segenap jiwa dan raga akan saya berikan berbagai contoh recount text yang sama sekali berguna untuk anda dan masa depan anda.

Contoh recount text untuk siswa di sekolah

Masalah contoh recount text ini bisa anda dapatkan secara gratis karena memang contoh teks recount ini banyak tersebar di internet dan juga ditulis oleh siswa dari tugasnya di sekolah.

Anda tidak perlu pusing memikirkannya. Cukup menggunakan berbagai contoh recount text yang sudah saya tulis di bawah ini tanpa ragu dan tulislah di lembar jawaban anda. Berikut ini contoh recount text yang sudah saya siapkan untuk anda dengan berbagai tema untuk bahasa inggris.
Contoh Recount Text Terbaru Bahasa Inggris Teks Pendidikan Materi Pelajaran Pembelajaran Kumpulan Tugas Guru Untuk Siswa SMP SMA
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Contoh recount text terbaru lengkap

Children Day's

On Children's Day in 1999, a technology company treated more than 200 underprivileged children to a 'high-tech' experience. They were given training on information technology.

The company wanted to provide opportunities for these children to learn more about the Internet and the latest technology. They wanted to help the less fortunate in the community.

The children had an enjoyable and educational experience that day. They were exposed to the new technology for the first time and they were very interested. The company hoped to conduct many more such training sessions for these children. They fell that the skills the children had would be useful to them when they grew up.

The company was very active in caring for the less fortunate. They even put aside one day a year for their employees to do volunteer work to help the needy. They also donated money to many charitable organisations.

Many people had benefited from their efforts. Many also praised the company for being so generous towards the needy.
Contoh recount text terbaru bahasa inggris
Bomb in Bali

The bomb, in the resort of Kuta, destroyed the Sari Club and a crowded nightspot. Many people have fallen victims to this blast. Many of them were foreign tourists, especially from Australia. They were burner beyond recognition. Some tourist who were at the scene of the blast said there were two explosions around the nightclub. One bomb had exploded outside Paddy’s Bar before a Bar bomb hit the Sari Club which was located some meters away.

Hundred were injured in the explosion and about 220 Australians remain unaccounted for. The U.K. Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, said that 33 Britons were among those killed in the Bali attack. The Australian Primer Minister, John Howard, called its borders, saying it had been a problem for a long time.

Lists of missing people have been posted in Bali and official said that it could take days to identity all the victims, some of whom were trapped in the Sari Club by a wall of flames. A notice board at the hospital in Bali includes a section called “Unknown Identity” and detailed list on victims such as : “Young girl in intensive care, 11-14 years old, face burned, income, Causation,” or “Girl in intensive care, about 5 years old, 130 cm, fair skin, Caucasian with reddish brown hair. She has a purplish belly button ring.”

Many embassies, including the British and the American, are advising their people to cancel spending their planned holidays in Indonesia, and all U.S. citizens in the country have been told to leave including diplomats and non-essential government staff.
Contoh recount text judul mengenai bus
Bus was Flowing Right Behind Me

I stayed a night at Sakhuwa of Gati VDC because a landslide near Baseri had blocked the road, The next morning, I hopped onto the bus with registration number Ba 2 Kha 4013 that was on the way to Barhabise from Tatopani.

I took a seat by the doorside and remember that there were around 35 passengers, including me. The driver started the bus. A kilometer into the journey, I noticed a ditch on the road.
The driver tried to avert the ditch. Before I could know what was going on, the bus started hurtling towards the Bhotekoshi.

I had given up hope of surviving, but found a ventilator glass broken. I came out of the shattered glass and plunged into the Bhotekoshi.

The river carried me for about 35 kilometers and left me on the shallow surface. I passed out after that. The rescuers took me to a hospital when I regained consciousness.

I heard later that all except four passengers had survived. I have sustained injuries on the face, hands and other body parts. Nonetheless, I feel that surviving was my destiny.
Contoh recount text tentang pengalaman
My Horrible Experience

Let me remind you my experience during an earthquake last week. When the earthquake happened, I was on my car. I was driving home from my vocation to Bali.

Suddenly my car lunched to one side, to the left. I thought I got flat tire. I did not know that it was an earthquake. I knew it was an earthquake when I saw some telephone and electricity poles falling down to the ground, like matchsticks.

Then I saw a lot of rocks tumbling across the road. I was trapped by the rock. Even I could not move my car at all. There were rocks everywhere. There was nothing I could do but left the car and walked along way to my house, in the town.

When I reached my town, I was so surprised that there was almost nothing left. The earthquake made a lot of damage to my town. Although nothing was left, I thanked God that nobody was seriously injured.
My Rush Time as a Journalist

I usually woke up at eight o'clock a.m. and went to the Press Center to check the daily schedule of briefings and press conferences. It was usually held by the United Nation officials or disaster mitigation team.

It was challenging to visit different refugee camps to find soft stories, human interest stories. After that I went back to the Press Center to cover the press conferences of the day.

It was heart breaking when I saw these survivors fight for food and secondhand clothing. Unfortunately as they said, the food and clothing were limited and inadequate. Emerging to glaring, fool noon, it was time to go back to Press Center to write stories and race against time. I was always fearing that the internet would come crushing down.

After everything was done, only then I remembered to eat. Most times, I only ate once a day because I always had to rush and again it was difficult to find food. I had to travel quite far. I needed to spend a 30 to 45 minutes by car just to find fresh food.
Masalah tugas bahasa inggris yang lainnya anda bisa menemukannya di Menyedot Blog misalnya untuk contoh descriptive text dan contoh narrative text selain contoh recount text ini. Semoga selalu bermanfaat untuk anda.
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